Photo from inside the Photo Booth

Thursday, May 27, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 2:52 PM

During last Saturday's event we jumped into the photo booth with the Bride and her friend for this photo. We actually set 2 records this weekend with the photo booth rental.
The first was the record for the most amount of people in the booth at one time. We had 13 adults cram in for the record.
The second record was for the amount of photos taken. Average number of photo strips is about 125 per event. At this event we hit 190. Wow!

Steve Bergeron

Holy Buckets! Now that's a lot o' cake...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 11:42 AM

Last Saturday nights wedding reception had a huge cake and it proved to be a very popular attraction. Believe it or not most of the cake was gone by the end of the night. What is it about cake that people find so exciting. At one point the line for cake at this reception was 30 people deep. People sure do like cake.

Steve Bergeron

You've lost that lovin' feelin'!

Monday, May 24, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:50 AM

Okay... I use the word serenade loosly but I've got to give the groomsman props as they serenaded the bride (Patty) 8 days ago at the reception I DJed. They all hung in there for the entire song and Patty was gracious enough to take it all in. By the way... years ago the groomsmen singing to the bride was common place. I don't see it much anymore and that's a shame. It's always a very fun part of the night and is just another way to remind the Bride of how special she is.

Steve Bergeron

Bridesmaids are often the Yardstick

Saturday, May 22, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 1:30 PM

One of the goals of a Wedding DJ is get the Bridesmaids dancing. We figure that if the Bridesmaids are having fun that part of our job has been successful. The reception I DJed on Friday night was fantastic. The bridesmaids were all over the dance floor for most of the night. It's always nice when a bride see's here friends having a good time. By the way... my Bride and Groom were Angie and Cole and they were great fun.

Steve Bergeron

Old School Nintendo Cake

, Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 1:33 AM

Well here we go... Another grooms cake in the style of a Nintendo gaming system. I love these groom cakes lately. It seems the trend is to be as creative as possible. Attention: Have fun with your grooms cake. Find out what the groom loves and model a cake after it. It's fun and the guest's love it. Plus it gives your cake decorator a chance to really be creative.

Steve Bergeron


Thursday, May 20, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 11:34 AM

I love it when people ask me what my favorite color is. Since the day I can remember (and I am not sure why) my favorite color has always been YELLOW. Imagine my excitement when the candy table at last weeks wedding reception was yellow themed. WOW! Yes I get excited about yellow candy. Although I refrained from indulging in the candy I was surprised to find out that the Gumball looking things in the middle were actually Malted Milk Balls.

Steve Bergeron

Husker Groom Cake

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 10:37 AM

As you all know I love to check out the grooms cake at all of the receptions I DJ. Here is the groom cake from last Saturdays wedding reception. Very cool!

Steve Bergeron

Cool Wedding Transportation

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:29 PM

For mobile DJ's we are one of the first to see the wedding party arrive at the reception. The way they arrive is always fun to see. I've seen everything from formal stretch limos, the hum-v limo, the VIP Party Bus, Ollie the Trolley, horse & carriage, hotel transport buses, and converted school buses. Over the last month I have DJed 4 receptions now that have used the Jone-Z party bus. At last Saturdays reception I snapped a shot of the bus and also got a great photo of the Bride (Patty) and the Groom (Dustin) stepping out of the bus. What a blast!

Steve Bergeron
, Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:21 AM

Now this is the way to end a night!

Sunday, May 16, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:46 AM

Let me say that a wedding DJ's worst situation is when nobody is dancing. Reality is that any mobile DJ will tell you that an empty dance floor will happen from time to time. And then... there a receptions where every song we play is eaten up by the guests. They just can't seem to get enough and we as DJ's can do no wrong. This picture is from the reception I DJed on Saturday night. This was the last song I played and as you can see the dance floor was packed. I could not think of a better way to have the bride and groom wrap up their reception. They will always remember that their evening ended with a full dance floor. Ultimately... that's what you want.

Steve Bergeron

Once again!!! Name that Venue?

Saturday, May 15, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 9:47 AM

Here's a place in Omaha that is great for any kind of social event. This was the set-up right before the last reception I DJed there. The bar is in the upper left hand corner. This venue offers full service bar and catering. I love the layout of this room and it has plenty of space for anything you want to do. Also has a big open dance floor. Can you name the venue? Today's winner receives a huge pat on the back from the first person you see. Good luck!

Steve Bergeron

Ipods for a wedding??? Not a money saving solution!

Thursday, May 13, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:56 AM

Okay... so this has been on youtube for a while now but it is worth taking another look. I just talked with an upcoming bride who said she did not want to spend the money for a wedding DJ. She said she had an IPOD with all of her favorite music that she was going to play over the venues house speaker system during the reception.
I will admit that currently the music I play at receptions comes off of an IPOD. They are convenient and reliable. With that said, they can never replace a professional announcer and reception motivator.
Even though this video is painful to watch it is a great reminder of how you should be careful when cutting corners. Just my 2 cents!

Steve Bergeron

Name the venue???

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 1:34 PM

Today's name that venue is a bit of a challange. Two weeks ago I DJed a wedding at this location. Take a look and see if you can figure it out. Good luck and today's lucky winner will receive and beautiful pleather grooming sponge.

Steve Bergeron

Name that Venue?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 10:08 AM

Welcome to another round of "Name that Venue". Today's venue is located in Omaha. I took this picture from the stage looking out over the dance floor. Over the years I have DJed at the place a bajillion times. Good luck and the right guess gets a free genuine, leather-like, imitation vinyl trim, lens cap carrying case. Good luck!

Steve Bergeron

A great party drink idea...

Monday, May 10, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 10:06 AM

Some may say that I'm getting desperate for blog posts but I say Nay Nay! At last weeks reception I wondered what all the hub-bub was over by the cake table. It seemed they couldn't keep the punch bowl full fast enough. So I trot over and took this photo. Turns out the punch bowl for cool refreshing treat of orange sherbet and 7up. I actually tried some and it was very tasty. For a cool party idea try this one. And for the adult gatherings spiking it with something may an adventure. I'm just not sure what you'd spike it with.

Steve Bergeron

Wait! CD players can still be useful!

Friday, May 7, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 11:22 AM

You know it's been a while since I have actually used one of my CD players at any of the events I have DJed. Now it's all computers, ipods, and other types of mp3 players. I always bring my disc players with me just in case someone brings a CD for me to play. At a recent reception I was discussing this with the photographer and he came up with a great reason to keep my CD players. Open CD tray and you've got an instant cake shelf. Brilliant!

Steve Bergeron

Guess the Venue???

Thursday, May 6, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 11:29 AM

I took this shot during the dinner at a recent wedding reception I was DJing in Omaha, Nebraska. Can you guess the name of this venue based on this photo? It has been around for a long... long time and is one of my favorite places to DJ.

Steve Bergeron

Scrapbook Videos Alive and Well

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 10:07 AM

I honestly thought this trend of showing slide shows at weddings would have ran its course by now. Actually it's quite the contrary. More and more people are doing it and it has almost become a "traditional" staple for wedding receptions. These slide shows are easy to create and almost anyone can do them on their own. This photo was taken at the Scoular Ballroom during a reception I DJed.

Steve Bergeron

Oooo... look at the pretty rainbow!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 10:51 AM

I was driving down 156th and Harrison heading out to DJ a Wedding Reception last weekend when suddenly this beautiful rainbow appeared. I took this photo with my cell phone and it hardly does the moment justice. I really wished that I had a wide angle lens because this rainbow was perfect and went from one side to the other. It just goes to prove that sometime life really can be sunshine & rainbows.

Steve Bergeron