Return of the Mack

Monday, July 26, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:08 PM

Last year in this blog back on June 30th 2009 I posted a photo of a groomsman who entertained everyone with his spot on vocals. At last Fridays reception the same guy was there again. Only this time he wasn't a groomsman but rather he was a guest. Without missing a beat he took over again at the end of the night. He's a one man party and the people eat him up. I love this guy.

One of these photos was from last years reception and the other was from last Friday night.

Steve Bergeron

Bouquet from Balcony

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 10:32 AM

I love it when a bride has the option to really let the bouquet fly. Here's a reception I DJed at the beautiful Renaissance Mansion in downtown Omaha. The bride (Junith) was able to throw her bouquet from the outdoor balcony. Without the limitation of a ceiling Junith really let the bouquet fly. It's kind of hard to see but you can see the bouquet about 10 feet above the bride. It's that little white spec to the upper right of the window.

Steve Bergeron

More name that venue?

Saturday, July 17, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:49 PM

Just DJed another wedding reception Friday night in downtown Omaha. This is actually a place that my company DJs at a lot. Fits up to about 100 guests and there are three floors available for the events. Most weddings will utilize all three floors for guests seating. The main floor is where you'll find the bar, buffet, and cake. The lower level is where the DJ sets up.
Can you name the venue?

Steve Bergeron

Name the Venue?

Thursday, July 15, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 8:35 AM

I will admit that this weeks edition of name that venue is pretty challenging. The was from a wedding reception that I DJed last Saturday. It is one of those locations that I've been to a million times and I always seem to have great gigs there. The room was divided in half. One half was set up for the wedding ceremony and the other half was set up for the reception.

Here are 2 hints:

1) Venue is in downtown Omaha
2) It's in a hotel

Steve Bergeron

Video Picture Montage... Still a treat!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 11:26 AM

A few years ago someone in the wedding biz told me that the video slide shows shown at wedding would run its course within a year. Well here we are five years later and they are still as popular as ever. This is a picture from the wedding I djed last Saturday.
FYI - To have the most impact with your slide show follow these 3 pieces of advice:

1) Always test it with the projector in advance to ensure everything works.
2) Mix in some fun music with the slide show (it makes it more fun to watch)
3) Keep it to under 12 minutes in length. Any long and people start losing interest.

Steve Bergeron

How in the world???

Monday, July 12, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:02 PM

As an Omaha Nebraska wedding DJ I see all kinds of cool centerpieces at the receptions. For years I have seen centerpieces similar to this one. I will admit that they are very eye catching. My question... How is it that these top heavy centerpieces never fall over. You'd think that will all the commotion that can happen once the party at the reception starts that these things would start toppling over but they never do. Amazing!

Steve Bergeron

Name the Venue?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 11:59 AM

Just DJed Saturday night here in Omaha and had a blast. Towards the beginning of the evening I snapped this photo of the dance floor. Can you name the Venue? Hint: There is a beautiful outdoor area included in the rental. This weeks winner will receive a set of used pipe cleaners. Good luck!

Steve Bergeron

Dancing at the Ceremony

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:49 PM

Last Saturday I had the honor of being the DJ for both and outdoor wedding ceremony and the indoor reception in Omaha Nebraska. After the bride and groom were pronounced husband and wife the bride (Paula) wanted me to play "Forever" by Chris Brown. I thought it was a cool idea for an exit song and I was shocked when it turned into an all out dance. The bride and groom and their wedding party danced up and down the isle for the entire song. It was a riot! Congrats Paula and Rich.

Steve Bergeron