How do you plan??

Thursday, February 14, 2013 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 1:41 PM
Seems like the latest craze in wedding planning is Pinterest!! Social media has really taken off as the top way to catch up with friends and family, keep everyone updated on life changes and now...planning a WEDDING!! Recently my sister got engaged and one of the first things I did was post the exciting news on my Facebook status. It's so much quicker to let my friends know the news than to actually pick up the phone and call haha!! Something else I did...I got on my Pinterest account to see what she had pinned so that I could get some good ideas on what her vision for her wedding was. Pinterest is a great way to get some unique and DIY ideas for planning a wedding. So, my question to you is, have you used Pinterest to do any of your wedding planning? :)!/bandstandmusicdjs?fref=ts

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