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Wednesday, January 5, 2011 , Posted by Bandstand Music Inc at 12:00 AM

Any mobile DJ will tell you that an empty dance floor is a horrible feeling. It's like the crowd is just looking at you and you can at time feel helpless. Thoughts of "what's wrong with these people" enter our heads. My goal as a DJ is to make sure that every dance starts with a bang.
The best way to start the dancing at a reception is to invite all the married couples to the floor. It's a great way to celebrate the marriage of the new bride and groom and to remind the other married couples of how great marriage can be.
I've been starting all my dances like this for the last 15 years and it never fails to fill the dance floor for the first dance of the reception.
Last weekend I did three back to back weddings. I was at the Club Convention Center in Papillion on 12/30/10, Indian Creek on 12/31/10, and the German American on 1/1/11. These two photos from the first song of the evening at two of those events.

Steve Bergeron

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